LG is getting sued by G4 and V10 owners

Adam Westlake - Mar 19, 2017, 11:30am CDT
LG is getting sued by G4 and V10 owners

LG may be riding high right now over the early praise of its new G6 smartphone, but owners of its older devices are still unhappy with the company. Owners of the G4 and V10 phones have filed a class-action lawsuit against LG in California over bootloop issues, or hardware failures that send the device into a non-stop rebooting sequence. The users argue this left the phones unusable, and LG did little to fix them.

Released in mid-2015, the LG G4’s bootloop issues became widespread only a few months later, with complaints commonplace on Android forums, as well as Twitter and YouTube. It was the same situation with LG’s V10, which also debuted in 2015. The plaintiffs claim that the company was well aware of the issue, but did next to nothing to address it.

A recall for the devices was never made, and LG refused to perform repairs. Users involved in the lawsuit say the company would continually replace their phones with other faulty handsets, and then refuse any form of help when the warranty period ran out.

The other major concern is that LG continues to make and sell devices with the component defect that causes the bootloop problem. While the issue is most common with the G4 and V10, it has persisted to phones like the G5 and Nexus 5X.

SOURCE ArsTechnica

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