LG Gram laptops will now ship with Windows 11 out of the box

Windows 11 came out a day earlier than planned, but it didn't take long for PC makers to jump on board and announce support for the newest Windows release. In addition to Microsoft's own Surface line, the likes of Acer and Razer have been quick to debut new laptops that come with Windows 11 right off the bat. LG, in contrast, is taking a slightly different route and isn't announcing anything new. Instead, it's simply saying that its 2021 line of Gram notebooks now have Windows 11 pre-installed if they haven't shipped out just yet.

To be fair, LG isn't the most prolific PC manufacturer, so it's not like it can spit out new laptops left and right like Acer, HP, or even Razer. It probably already met its quota for 2021 when it launched the new LG Gram models at the start of the year and isn't planning on making new ones just for Windows 11. What it is instead doing is assuring prospective buyers that they'll get Windows 11 when they buy an LG Gram in the coming weeks.

LG says that shipping Windows 11 on these laptops is an example of its commitment and is meant to make it easy for buyers to experience Microsoft's latest operating system. It does take away some of the uncertainty buyers might have in investing in an LG Gram notebook at this point if it won't have Windows 11 pre-installed already. That's not to say they won't have some doubts since a new lineup might just be two or three months away.

LG's promise of an out-of-the-box Windows 11 experience might not apply to laptops have are already sitting in stores, though. Of course, it's certainly possible to upgrade to Windows 11, but that opportunity might not happen until after a few months for most users. LG does at least guarantee that its 2021 LG Gram series are all eligible to receive the update when it finally arrives.

LG's thin and lightweight laptop family added new members that changed its years-old formula with 16:10 aspect ratio displays, which also resulted in larger keyboards and touchpads. The laptops also run on Intel's 11th gen with Intel Iris Xe (no Xe Max) graphics.