LG G7 ThinQ suffers from the LG Bootloop curse

JC Torres - Dec 4, 2018, 5:49 am CDT
LG G7 ThinQ suffers from the LG Bootloop curse

There seem to be two things LG’s smartphones can’t fully be rid of: disappointing sales and bootloop-causing bugs. No matter how hard it tries and no matter how good they turn out to be, LG’s flagship phones just seem to underwhelm in terms of sales and, eventually, start showing its warts. Even the G7 ThinQ, one of its latest and smartest, is now reported to be susceptible to bootloops that the company’s phones have become infamous for.

LG makes great phones, to be fair. It has been on the cusp of a few innovations, like the rear fingerprint scanner and power button, and has lasted longer than anyone in keeping removable and replaceable batteries. It’s still one of the few, Samsung included, holding fast to a headphone jack. And it has more Nexus phones than any other OEM, not to mention being associated with Pixel phones as well.

And yet, for reasons that baffle the mind, LG hasn’t made it to the top 5 of any smartphone chart, be it market share, performance, or camera benchmarks. There is also one other reason some consumers have become wary of LG’s phones. Bootloop problems have become so bad that LG, as well as Google and Huawei, have been slapped with class action suits.

A growing number of reports reveal that the LG hasn’t solved its technical problems either. Owners of the LG G7 ThinQ report random reboots that end up endlessly rebooting until turned off or drained. Aside from the phone model, the only other common factor seems to be T-Mobile’s network. Unfortunately, there is no irrefutable evidence that either or both are to blame.

LG’s customer service is reportedly promising device replacements, hinting that it could a hardware bug yet again. CSRs, however, are also known to get the message wrong, so take that with a grain of salt. Hopefully, the LG V40 ThinQ is unaffected, but that seems like a fool’s hope for now.

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