LG G5 to feature premium audio thanks to Bang & Olufsen collaboration

Adam Westlake - Feb 19, 2016, 3:12am CST
LG G5 to feature premium audio thanks to Bang & Olufsen collaboration

As Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 nears, LG has already made on official announcement regarding its anticipated LG G5 smartphone. The South Korean company has revealed a new partnership with B&O Play, a division of the premium audio brand Bang & Olufsen, and together they will be bringing high-quality audio features to upcoming LG devices, name-dropping the upcoming LG G5 specifically.

LG says they’ve already been working with B&O Play for some time on the LG G5, with a goal of bringing the best audio experience to “quality and design-conscious customers.” The phone manufacturer adds that it will be the first to debut Hi-Fi audio features co-designed by B&O Play on a mobile device.

“The collaboration gives us the opportunity to bring B&O Play’s acoustic excellence to an even broader customer base,” said the company’s president Henrik Taudorf, noting their appreciation of “LG’s dedication to premium smartphones.”

It’s clear that LG is planning to use audio quality and features to differentiate its devices from the competition. Their previous phone, the V10, is already noted for implementing high-quality audio capabilities, and this collaboration with B&O Play may help draw in more audiophiles who are attracted to the Bang & Olufsen brand. LG is expected to officially announce the LG G5 at MWC next week, so we’re only a few days away from getting all the details.


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