LG G3 leaked pic shows handset next to HTC One (M8)

Officially coming out tomorrow, some last-minute G3 pics have surfaced. The new LG handset is shown off next to another flagship handset, the HTC One (M8), giving us a neat glimpse at the overall dimensions the newest LG handset will have. It also gives a nearly final confirmation of design cues we've been smitten with recently.

To start, we see the device going head-to-head with the One (M8) — literally. A bit more squared than the One (M8) overall, the top of the device has a gentle curvature. The rear also looks a bit more rounded than we'd expected, but that familiar brushed look is there. The camera and volume ensemble is shown as well, and is a design change we've been falling for pretty hard lately.

Sleek and subdued, the new array from LG strikes a comfortable balance between functional and stylish, which is not something we could say about previous handsets. The flash is where it should be, as is the mystery secondary cutout. It seems to be a dual camera, much like the One (M8), but we don't know. Perhaps that's why these pics exist; it might be part of some sort of dual-camera shootout.

Unfortunately, we don't get a height comparison, so we don't know if the G3 will be stouter than the tall One (M8). We'd expect a similar height, given LG's disdain for bezels and the alleged 5.5-inch screen, but there's no solid evidence there just yet. Gladly, we'll know more tomorrow.

Via: PhoneArena