LG G Flex curved smartphone tipped for November unveiling

On September 24, Samsung revealed that it will be introducing a smartphone with a curved display in the near future, and it seems LG will be doing the same. According to sources who spoke to the folks over at CNET, the handset will probably be named the LG G Flex, offering a six-inch display that is "rounded in" towards the center-most part, tapering out in a gentle curve.

With the curved design, the G Flex will conform to the shape of the user's face, allowing it to fit more comfortably when talking. The curve isn't so dramatic that it will look particularly strange however, nor will it be to such a degree that it could fit oddly in one's pocket. Going by a sketch acquired by CNET, it would seem the center-most part of the backing is flat, so use with suction or sticky variety accessories perhaps won't be affected.

This morning, word surfaced that LG would be introducing a curved-display smartphone called the LG Z, but no other details were provided except that it will reportedly be unveiled this month. Whether the LG Z is the same handset as the LG G Flex, a different one, or a name that LG was toying around with isn't yet known, though the different launch dates pegged with the rumors further validates notions of two separate handsets.

Word also has it that Samsung will be introducing a Galaxy Note 3 variation that offers a curved display, with that particular rumor saying the variation could be unveiled as early as this month. Details were likewise sparse, but according to that source, the production of the handset will be limited and it will feature an OLED display.