LG dropping new silver version of the Prada phone

James Allan Brady - Jan 14, 2008

With over 700,000 of these babies sold its no surprise they are trying something new to see how much longer they can capitalize on this single design, and they really are truly amazing devices. Other than the external color change there is at least one internal update as well.

The internal update comes in the form of some better QWERTY keyboard software, I wonder if that brings it closer to that of the iPhone, or if maybe it’s even better than that. This is one shiny phone, I feel sorry for the photographer that had to try and take shots of the thing without getting a ton of glare.

Since you were probably wondering, it appears to only be coming to 18 European countries, no word on if/when it will make its way to the US. Pricing though should be pretty close to the $500 USD that the older models seem to be going for these days.

New Silver LG Prada Phone [via i4u]

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