LG Display's transparent OLED doors are movie-magic made real

LG makes displays for a lot of different products, but it won't be long before we see it branch out to the realm of OLED doors. Yes, you read that correctly, as LG today announced that it's teaming up with Assa Abloy Entrance Systems to craft transparent, automatic OLED doors. While LG didn't give any indication of when these doors would be available to the company's business customers, we do know that LG and Assa Abloy are planning to unveil the first OLED door later this week.

That technically means LG is guilty of making an announcement of an announcement here, but we'll let it slide given the interesting subject matter. LG's announcement today says this new product "combines LG's Transparent OLED signage (model 55EW5G) and SuperSign software-based integrated content management solution with the automated glass sliding doors" made by Assa Abloy.

Obviously, a transparent OLED door comes with a number of applications, and one such application could see businesses using them to greet customers on their way into stores. LG also says that the doors could be used for "communicating with employees," though that seems like a less likely application on the whole. Then, of course, we have what might be the most obvious use for these doors: Advertising.

Since the doors are transparent, people can still see what's going on behind them, and LG says that it presents a rather unique opportunity for advertising that integrates what's happening in the background. The doors will be outfitted with tempered glass, which means that they should be durable despite the fact that they use delicate OLED displays.

LG and Assa Abloy say that they're targeting "specialized commercial applications" with this new product, so unfortunately, it sounds like you won't be able to get one for your house. We'll let you know when LG and Assa Abloy share more information about their transparent OLED doors, so stay tuned.