LG announces US availability for OLED TV

Shane McGlaun - Jan 8, 2013
LG announces US availability for OLED TV

A few days back we mentioned that LG had started taking pre-orders in Korea for its new 55-inch WRGB OLED TV set. That TV pre-order would cost you the equivalent of $10,000 in Korea. LG has announced this week that it will be making its incredibly thin OLED TV available in the United States starting in March.

Deliveries of the TV to Korean customers are set to begin in February. If you thought the Korean price, which worked out to $10,000 here in the US was expensive; you won’t like the official US pricing at all. LG has confirmed that the MSRP for the TV in the United States will be $11,999.

One of the hallmarks of the OLED TV is an incredibly thin design that is only 4 mm thick. The TV also weighs less than 22 pounds and promises exceptional color reproduction along with vivid and realistic images. The TV uses LG’s unique Four Color Pixel system with a white sub pixel working with conventional red, blue, and green pixels to create the perfect color.

The TV also has LG’s exclusive Color Refiner technology to provide greater tonal enhancement that results in images that are more vibrant and natural. The TV also has an infinite contrast ratio that maintains optimal contrast levels regardless of ambient light or viewing angles.

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