LG and Samsung iPad screen shipment numbers are big

You don't have to own an iPad or be an Apple fan to know that the gadget is very popular right now. Other tablets are coming to market that will challenge the iPad, but for now it is the king with the vast majority of the tablet market. The screens for the iPad are made by Samsung and LG.DigiTimes reports that LG shipped 1.5 million iPad panels in November and that Samsung shipped another 1.2 million iPad screens the same month. In 2011, the report claims that LG Display will produce 35 million iPad panels for the year and that Samsung and a new screen supplier Chimei Innolux (CMI) will each produce 15 million units in 2011.

CMI will start producing its first iPad panels in Q1 2011. The impressive part of these stats comes when you add up all the screens that estimated to be made in 2011. If the reports are accurate, Apple plans to ship about 65 million iPads in 2011. Previous estimates for iPad shipments for 2011 have been in the 45-48 million range. Apple is expected to ship 16.76 million iPads in 2010.