LG 10,000:1 contrast ratio monitor – you’ll finally be able to tell the difference between charcoal and black

James Allan Brady - Feb 27, 2008

I have an Acer monitor that has a horrible contrast ratio, but it was 22-inches and it was cheap, but now I am looking for a new monitor that has a better quality picture and I think this new one from LG might have just made it to the top. This is the highest spec Digital Fine Control monitor LG has too.

Sadly I can’t find any model info, price, availability, or where I can order one. All I know is that if the picture looks half as good as the physical monitor does, it will be a worthwhile purchase.

So, if you are in the visual arts industry, or if you really like clarity when gaming, this is the monitor for you. However, there are apparently a large number of people that have quit watching TV and movies on their TV, and have moved to their computer screens for those functions, I can’t blame them, this would be the primo display for that function, sure, it probably won’t be 1080p capable, but it will probably have a 1680×1050 resolution which should be good enough.

[via CrunchGear]

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