Lexmark Genesis All-in-One Printer Features Upright Design

For the printer market, it was beginning to look like that making them shiny, and adding a touchscreen as well as Internet connectivity was as far as they were going to go in the "new feature" category. But, Lexmark has managed to make not only a shiny printer with a touchscreen, but they also designed it to stand up.

The Lexmark Genesis All-in-One printer features a glossy piano black finish, making sure that it looks "futuristic" in any setting. On the inside, Lexmark included a 10MP imaging sensor, which makes it easy for the printer to transfer a page from "document to digital" in just a few seconds. No more waiting for that flatbed scanner to get the job done, as the Genesis will do the job for you faster than ever.

On the front of the device, you'll find a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, featuring a color display. You'll control the printer from the touchscreen, and you'll even get to access Lexmark's SmartSolutions applications. Some of the apps included are Evernote, Box.net, and Stamps.com. You'll even find Twitter and Facebook applications, which you'll be able to upload images to the social networking sites right from the machine. The Genesis also features two-sided printing, and integrated wireless-N connectivity. Lexmark confirmed that the new printer will launch in 2011, and have an estimated price tag of $399.

[via ChipChick]