Lexar 16GB USB JumpDrives with optional encryption

Vincent Nguyen - Aug 26, 2008, 12:01pm CDT

Lexar has rolled out a pair of 16GB USB flash drives in its JumpDrive range, the FireFly and Secure II Plus.  The FireFly is the more basic of the two, with a simple blue LED indicator to show drive activity and red colored casing.  The Secure II, meanwhile, has a built-in capacity meter indicating how much storage space remains.  It also includes 256-bit AES encryption software to secure whatever data is on it.

Both encrypted and unencrypted files can be kept on the Secure II, with switching between the two as straightforward as dragging documents in and out of the encrypted area.  There’s also a file-shredder that can destroy unwanted documents beyond the clutches of file recovery tools.

The 16GB JumpDrive FireFly and the 16GB JumpDrive Secure II Plus will both be priced at $99.  The former will be available on August 20th, while the latter will be released at some point in September.

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