Lex uses your bike to deliver your message to everyone around you

One of my favorite past times is riding my bike. I don't do it nearly as much as I once did, and I'm actually a bit sorry for that. There's just something relaxing about taking off down a country road that just can't be duplicated. I can honestly say at no time did I ever consider using my bike wheels to display some type of message to passerbys.

Then again Lex wasn't around back then either. Lex is a small device that attaches to the spokes of your bike and uses the rotation of your wheels to display a message of your choosing.

I suppose this would be an interesting way to display your number in a race, or perhaps advertise your services as a bike messenger. Lex comes with software to generate whatever message you wish via your computer and can run up to 96 hours on a single AA battery.

Lex Blings Out Your Bike Wheels with Custom Message [via EverythingUSB]