LevelUp debuts Versus Wii storage ottoman and Element DS tray

If you have a game console in your home you know what a mess things can become with all the controllers, accessories, and games laying around. If you have kids that play games on a console, you know that the mess can get huge really fast. LevelUp has announced a couple new storage products for Nintendo gamers that will help keep things tidy.

The company has unveiled a cool black storage ottoman for the Wii called the Versus Storage ottoman. The ottoman is black and when you open the lid it has room to stash away 32 different games or movies along with other gaming items. It is covered in durable microfiber and is strong enough to sit on or prop feet on.

The Versus ottoman sells for $29.99 and has solid wood construction for the frame underneath. It is available in Toys R Us stores around the country right now. A new tray for the Nintendo DS is also available that will hold accessories and a pair of the portable game consoles. It is available for $19.99, there are versions for other game systems like the Wii, and they will fit inside the ottoman.