Let's Fix Miitomo on jailbroken/rooted devices

Today marks the release of Nintendo's Miitomo app here in the US. The service proved to be quite popular in Japan, gathering more than 3 million users in the first day, so we can only imagine how quickly it will catch on over here. Unfortunately, many users are finding that they can't run the app at all, and it's because Nintendo wants it that way.

When the app first went up on both the iOS App Store and Google Play, some users started reporting that the app would simply crash whenever they tried to open it. At first, it seemed like a bug, only affecting random people. However, after a few hours it became apparent that this was no random bug. Instead, those with rooted or jailbroken devices appeared to be the only ones affected by the issue.

That's right, Nintendo apparently doesn't want tech-savvy users with rooted devices playing their game. They do have a good reason to be concerned, as the app can be used to earn points, which can net you discounts in their My Nintendo service. While we're not sure if this is the reason that the app won't work, it does seem to be the most likely case. We've reached out to Nintendo for comment on the matter.

The good news is that those same tech-savvy users that root their phones are used to dealing with this sort of thing. Some users have already found workarounds for both iOS and Android devices, and we're happy to share these with you. Unfortunately not all of these work for everyone, so you may need to try a combination of a few different ones, in order to get the app running properly. Thanks to various contributors on Reddit, who managed to find these workarounds.


For both of these fixes, you'll need to have Xposed installed.

The easiest method is to try using Rootcloak. This handy little module is designed specifically to let you run apps that look to see if you have root access. As the name implies, it cloaks your root access. Just open up the RootCloak app and tap Add/Remove Apps, and add the Miitomo app. Users are reporting that this has a pretty high success rate, so this is probably your first stop.

One user has created a module specifically to run Miitomo, which is dubbed MiitomoSecurityBypasser. You can download it here, and try installing it. Make sure you grab the .apk file, and not the .zip file to install.


The only known method for bypassing this on iOS is to install xCon from Cydia. You'll ned to make sure that you're using v41, as it is the only confirmed version that seems to work.