Lenovo will become Think Business Group and Lenovo Business Group in April

On April 1, Lenovo will divide itself into different business groups: the Lenovo Business Group, and the Think Business Group. The Think Business Group will deal with the Think-brand and business aspects, while the Lenovo Business Group will deal with Lenovo products and its Mobile Internet/Digital Home Group business. The changes will include the appointment of leaders to each group.

Mobile Internet Digital Home's Senior Vice President Liu Jun will be at the healm of the Lenovo Business Group, while the Think Business Group will be headed by Dr. Peter Hortensius. These changes won't take effect until April 1, when the separate business groups are put in place. Lenovo Group has four market regions: North American, Chinese, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), and Asian/Latin American.

Lenovo's Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing sent out an email informing those within the company of the upcoming change. In the email, he states: "[Lenovo] is both large enough and able to devote sufficient resources to industry specialization in various fields. Therefore, we would like to once again revolutionize our organizational structure to ensure continued growth and to achieve higher goals. I am announcing a restructuring plan with the establishment of two new end-to-end business groups. The plan will come into effect on April 1."

He then goes on to detail the purpose of each group. The Lenovo Business Group will focus on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, while the Think Business Group will be tasked with global commercial business leadership, high-end consumer brand creation, and commercial business. In addition, the TBG will also gain workstation and enterprise teams.

[via Sina]