Lenovo IdeaPads, IdeaCentre AIO offer Intel and AMD at every level

Liaw Kim Poh - Feb 24, 2019, 5:01pm CST
Lenovo IdeaPads, IdeaCentre AIO offer Intel and AMD at every level

For a time, it almost seemed like Intel would be the survivor of the two-horse desktop processor race. AMD, however, still had a thing or two to say and while it’s not yet in the clear, it’s becoming more common in new desktops and laptops. So as not to play favorites, Lenovo is putting out a new generation of IdeaPad laptops and convertibles as well as a new IdeaCentre All-in-One PC, all of which bring Intel and AMD together to the table, on way or another.

Starting from the bottom of the price ladder, the Lenovo IdeaPad S340 offers the most traditional and most affordable laptop in the new fleet. Well, presuming laptops that can now lay flat on a table for collaborative sessions. It’s a “back to basics” ultraslim notebook, with choices of an 8th gen Intel Core i processor or an AMD CPU up to a Ryzen 7 3700U. The latter will come with an AMD Radeon RX Vega while Intel configuration can go with an Intel GPU or an NVIDIA GeForce MX250. The IdeaPad S340 is so basic that even the backlit keyboard is an optional add-on. Prices start at $369.99 for the 14-inch Intel model and $429.99 for the 15-inch AMD configuration when the notebooks hit stores in April.

Next up is the Lenovo IdeaPad C340, the lineup’s flexible convertible. Supporting four modes (Laptop, Stand, Tent, and Tablet), the C340 brings versatility and portability to the table. For those who need that for work, the IdeaPad C340 has a quick switch TrueBlock Privacy Shutter for the camera and optional fingerprint scanner for added security. It supports Lenovo’s Wacom-based Active Pen when you need precision input and, like the S340, the backlighting on the keyboard is optional. The Lenovo IdeaPad C340 will also go on sale in April for $449.99 for the 14-inch model with either Intel or AMD chips. Unfortunately, the $499.99 15-inch option will only have Intel in it.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S540 may not bend as much but it makes up for it with the use of premium materials and a matching almost-premium price tag. It also packs some added oomph for those who demand more from their portable computers, with dual action fans to keep things cool and RapidCharge tech to give 80% battery capacity in just an hour of charging. For those opting for an Intel Inside, the 14-inch configuration can support an NVIDIA GeForce MX250 but the 15-inch model can go all the way to a GeForce GTX 1050. Coming also in April, the 14-inch IdeaPad S540 with AMD starts at $729.99 while the lone 15-inch Intel configuration goes for $849. Curiously, the 14-inch Intel option comes later in June with a higher $879.99 tag.

The IdeaCentre AIO A340 brings Intel and AMD together in a different way, literally putting the two together inside one PC. Coming in 22-inch and 24-inch screen sizes, the IdeaCentre AIO A340 mixes an 8th gen Intel Core processor, or even a Pentium Silver J5005, with an AMD Radeon 530 GPU. Despite the hulking screen, the AIO A340 offers an optional touch screen for closer interaction. And don’t mind the asymmetric and seemingly unbalanced stand design. Lenovo promises that your $499.99 (22-inch) or $679.99 (24-inch) investment won’t topple over so easily.

With the exception of the 15-inch Intel IdeaPad S540, all of Lenovo’s consumer computers will launch in April. With the new IdeaPads and IdeaCentre All-in-One, as well as the option between Intel and AMD configurations, the world’s biggest PC maker is making sure that all needs, preferences, and budgets are covered.

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