Lenovo 10w Tablet and 13w Yoga with Windows 11 are made for students

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Lenovo has unveiled two new tablets focused on giving students more learning tools. Both tablets are powered by Windows 11, and the company says they will deliver more than enough power and performance for educators and students alike.

The first new tablet is the Lenovo 10w Tablet. This new smart device runs standard Windows 11 and uses the Snapdragon 7c compute platform to power it. This is an interesting move that should help showcase just how powerful Snapdragon's tablet and laptop processors are. The platform also allows for Lenovo to utilize an "always-on" and "always connected" experience, which should help educators keep kids connected with the tools they need in the classroom.

Lenovo also unveiled the Lenovo 13w Yoga, which uses Windows 11 Pro and runs off an AMD Ryzen 5000 U-Series processor. For those who need more power, the Lenovo 13w Yoga will support up to an AMD Ryzen 7 processor. This should give students or teachers the power they need to keep their digital learning experiences running smoothly.

Lenovo wants to make learning easier

Lenovo says the new laptop releases are an answer to the current impact the pandemic has had on schools, especially school closures. With these new tablets, the company is trying to empower students and educators alike with the tools they need to keep learning environments moving smoothly. Lenovo is doing this by not only making the tablets more accessible but by also offering tablets that work well for students.

The Lenovo 10w Tablet is built with younger audiences in mind; it features a more rugged exterior, with a rubber bumper and Gorilla Glass. This is important as younger students may be more prone to dropping the tablet or even just being rougher on it than adults. The tablet will retail for $329 with a keyboard; it is scheduled to launch in April 2022. The more expensive Lenovo 13w Yoga will also release in April 2022, however, it will retail for $749. That increase in price gets you a more powerful monitor, as well as a larger display to work with.

Both of these releases are important as we continue to rebuild following the pandemic. With many schools still suffering from closures, the more affordable Lenovo 10w Tablet opens the door for students to get their hands on a powerful but affordable computer with the latest Windows operating system. Of course, these aren't the only new Windows 11 devices out there, either, so the options continue to grow as new laptops and tablets become available.