Lemur Monitors offers EconoDriver, SafeDriver, and AlertDriver car monitor systems

Have you ever handed the keys to your car to someone you know or a teen and feared as soon as they drove away that they would do something stupid in your car? I know one person that gave the keys to his new car to a worker from a car washing service where they come get your ride for you, only to be passed by the guy driving his car later that day driving way over the speed limit.

A company called Lemur Monitors has announced three products that monitor your car and will help you to prevent abuse of your ride by anyone. The SafeDriver device starts to record the driving of a teen or anyone else as soon as they leave. It records speed, distance traveled, and any sudden stops. The screen will also show if someone tries to turn it off.

The EcoDriver is a different animal and is designed to help you get better fuel economy by telling you how efficiently you are driving. It can also indicate how much you are spending on gas when you drive and idle. The final monitor is called the AlertDriver and it sends a been when the driver exceeds 35mph and again when 70mph or any other speed that is set to warn then they are going too fast. All three systems are available now with the EconoDriver for $79.95, the SafeDriver for $69.95, and the AlertDriver for $49.95.