Leica X1 BMW Special Edition Camera Unveiled, Costs $3,500

When you're trying to sell a special edition of something, especially something that's already been available to purchase, you generally want to add features to it. Or, perhaps just throw in more accessories or "never before seen" things. But, for Leica, who has released plenty of special edition cameras in the past, the BMW special edition version of the X1 doesn't really do any of the aforementioned things. At least, not enough to warrant an almost $1,000 price increase.

The Leica X1 BMW Special Edition camera features the same 12MP CMOS sensor, and the F2.8 24mm optics that the original X1 features. The differences come in the different skin on the BMW special edition, along with "BMW" stamped onto the top of the camera. Other than that, the Leica X1 BMW Special Edition camera is exactly the same as the standard issue version.

The cost? $3,500. That's compared to the $2,600 that the original costs.

[via CrunchGear]