Lego Mindstorms DIY shirt folding robot breaks cover

Shane McGlaun - Oct 11, 2010, 5:22am CDT
Lego Mindstorms DIY shirt folding robot breaks cover

I like Lego and played with them a lot as a kid. I typically built things like guns or cars that I would then proceed to break apart in various different types of accidents. I never built things that actually served a purpose in the real world. That is unless a Lego stick to whack my brother with counts as something serving a real world use.

Some people take building with Lego to the extreme and often the coolest creations are made with the Mindstorms Lego sets that are more like engineering marvels that toys. One such geek has taken the legos and used them to create a shirt-folding robot.

I am not the folding kind of person, I tend to cram my stuff in drawers or flop it over the rods in the closet rather than fold or hang stuff up. This robot looks cool though and it works well. You place a flat t-shirt on the box surface, press a button, and the thing goes to work. It is sort of like an automated version of one of those tables that you see people who work in department stores using. Hit the video below to see the thing in action.

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