LEGO Guitar Hero controller can really rock out

Man, LEGOs are awesome, there's just nothing that you can't build out of them, except maybe a space shuttle, but I'm sure one of these days someone will build one of those too. As you might have guessed, someone's built something really cool from the tiny bricks. This time it's a fully-functional Guitar Hero controller.

The controller is made almost entirely from LEGO bricks. The guy gutted an old PS2 SG controller and encased it in this bad boy which is modeled after a Gibson Explorer. Aside from the innards it looks like the strum bar and whammy bar are the only parts not made from LEGOs.

I'm curious how long this took to construct, and how many LEGO sets were required to pull it off. It's obviously a bit larger than the SG controller, or the X-plorer that you get with the Xbox 360.

Incredible LEGO Guitar Hero Controller is Fully Functional [via techeblog]