LEGO Dice Roller will Decide Your Fate for You [Video]

Remember when you were a kid, and you had a bunch of LEGO blocks lying around you? Whether or not you had just destroyed some crazy creation to make the mess, the mess always happened. But, eventually, you picked up those blocks, and started building something. Something you saw somewhere, in a movie, in a comic book, or maybe from the depths of your imagination. The LEGO blocks made it possible for a kid to be a kid, so to speak. But, now that you're an adult, you're wondering just what those LEGO blocks could do for you. Well, how about taking a small device created from LEGO that will roll dice for you?

You probably won't be able to take the self-loading LEGO dice tower into a casino in Vegas, or at least not take it to a table with you, but it couldn't hurt to try, right? After all, if you're a superstitious person, sometimes you just can't roll your own die, and there might not be anyone around that you trust enough to win you a hundred thousand dollars, or lose it all in one swift throw of the dice.

The LEGO dice tower uses a lever to load the dice into its tower, and then it will roll them out the bottom for you. Simple enough of a design, but one that makes us want to be a kid again and start building crazy contraptions. Check out the video below to see the tower in action.

[via UberGizmo]