Leatherman Tread wearable multitool has 25 features

I have a Leatherman multitool that lies around in my junk drawer because I don't want to wear something that bulky everywhere I go. The sad fact is that often I wish I had it with me because I need a tool in random places, especially at work. Leatherman is one of the biggest names in multitools and the company has a new offering coming soon that features 25 different tools.

The major difference between this multitool and the others the company makes is that this one is worn as a bracelet or a watchband. The tool is called the Leatherman Tread and it is made from 17-4 stainless steel and each of the links includes two or three functional tools each.

The tools include box wrenches and screwdrivers, no standard knife blades are featured on this tool. Since it has no blades (it does have a cutting hook), you should be able to wear it anywhere including places with security. In fact, the engineer that designed the tool came up with the idea after being stopped at Disneyland and sent away because he had a pocketknife on him.

Each of the links is injection molded and the bracelet is customizable allowing the links to be rearranged by the user. The clasp of the bracelet is a bottle opener and one of the links has a carbide glass breaker. This fall a version of the bracelet will be available with a Swiss-made watch. What I really want to know is if the bracelet is standard watchband width because putting my Pebble on that band would be perfect. No official pricing is offered in the blog about the tool, but a person that appears to be from Leatherman is answering comments on the blog post claiming pricing will be $150 to $200.

SOURCE: Leatherman