Leaked Samsung Galaxy Tab S images show it’s 6.6mm thin

Nate Swanner - Jun 6, 2014
Leaked Samsung Galaxy Tab S images show it’s 6.6mm thin

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S lineup is being primed for the world, and new retail images of the larger 10.5-inch tablet have leaked. Showing the same aesthetic Samsung fans will love, the new tablet is also sporting the AMOLED screen Samsung made popular on their smartphones. That brilliant screen is fronting some peculiar other specs, though.

One image notes the Tab S 10.5 will be a svelte 6.6mm — much thinner than the iPad Air at 7.5mm (you’re not really going to notice the difference, but it’s still amazing). With a rumored 2560 x 1600 AMOLED display, it’s am impressive feat.

The new fingerprint sensor on the Home button, which we saw on the Galaxy S5, is also present. One image suggests that when you get a call on your smartphone — and we’d safely venture to say you’ll need a newer Samsung device for this to work properly — it will let you know. There’s no indication you can take the call on your table, though, which was a big feature at Apple’s WWDC keynote for iOS 8.


A “Remote PC” pic seems to hint at some built-in remote log-in utility, too. That’s a feature many thought would remain with their Note PRO lineup, which has enterprise leanings. The “band-aid back” is also present, something we’ve seen Samsung doing with nearly all their mobile (or nearly mobile) devices.

Sadly, there is a camera on the rear of the device for those who insist on taking photos with a tablet. Sales are said to start around the end of the month.

Source: SamMobile

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