Leaked order guide hints at changes for the 2022 Mach-E

It's not rare for us to find details about unannounced vehicles or changes in existing vehicles from leaked order guides that arrive at dealerships. Recently an order guide for the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E was linked by a dealership, and it shows that the electric vehicle will get some updates buyers will appreciate. The most important update is increased battery capacities for some models.

The standard range Mach-E for 2021 had a 68 kWh internal battery, while the 2022 version gets a 70 kWh battery. For 2021, the extended-range version has a battery with 88 kWh of power, and the 2022 version has a 91 kWh battery pack. Larger battery packs in the models should mean a corresponding increase in driving range.

Certainly, we're not talking about a massive difference, but EV owners want all of the electric driving range they can get. Speculation suggests the improved battery capacities will equate to somewhere between six and ten additional miles of driving per charge. 2022 will also bring some changes to available paint colors on the exterior of the Mach-E range.

Ford is adding a new color called Iced Blue Silver Metallic, and Grabber Blue Metallic and Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat will not be available on all models. Those two colors aren't available with the Ice White Appearance Package. Ford also deleted some colors for the entire range, including Carbonized Gray and Iconic Silver.

Most Mach-E models carry over with no changes. However, the California Route 1 model gains heated front row seats and a heated steering wheel as standard. The Ice White package is the only new package for the line, while the comfort and appearance package was deleted for 2022.