Leaked Motorola info hints at possible new devices, VoLTE handset

Nate Swanner - Jun 5, 2014
Leaked Motorola info hints at possible new devices, VoLTE handset

Motorola is likely priming their follow-up to the Moto X, last year’s darling of the Android world. The company also has a Moto 360 smartwatch coming soon, but what else is there? A new leak suggests there could be much more in the pipeline.

This morning, hellomotoHK posted screenshots from what claim is Bug2Go, Motorola’s bug reporting app that sends info about crash reports and the like. In there, they found several mentions of devices not yet known to be Motorola’s offerings to the world.

Some are fairly obvious; the “Xplus1” is likely the Moto X+1, which is the widely believed (and possibly confirmed, here) name for the Moto X follow-up. The “xWatch” is probably the codename for the Moto 360, but mention of an “xClock” is interesting. It could be a secondary name for the Moto 360, or maybe an actual wall-mounted clock connected via Bluetooth to your device or WiFi network.

Mention of a “Titan” device is in there as well, and points to the EMEA region in addition to Asia. That could be a mid-range offering like their Moto G and Moto E. It could also be one of those devices, but could hint at their first true device under Lenovo’s watchful eye.

There is also mention of VoLTE and VoLTE_VZW, which we see starting to roll out in the US. Both AT&T and Verizon have VoLTE on offer, and there are two listings noted here. AT&T uses a global GSM standard, so it could be a VoLTE offering for the world, and a second one for Verizon.

Interesting bits of info, but we’re not biting all the way down, here. There is no supporting evidence these are from Bug2Go; just menus at this point. Whatever the case, it may show Motorola is working on some new devices, and even getting into the VoLTE race.

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