Leaked Instagram feature lets users share other users’ photos

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 21, 2018, 2:13 pm CDT
Leaked Instagram feature lets users share other users’ photos

Rumors about “regramming” on Instagram have been around for months, and though the feature still doesn’t officially exist, new reports continue claiming it may one day be a reality. This week brings one such claim, with the report alleging that a “seamless sharing” feature is being tested internally as a way for users to share other users’ posts.

Though it’s not uncommon to see Instagram users sharing other people’s content, it’s not something that’s officially possible, and it has resulted in more than a few copyright disputes. In its present form, users must make a copy of someone else’s post, then share it directly with their followers while giving credit in the description.

That could change in the future, assuming Instagram ever releases a re-sharing feature. The Verge claims in a new report that it interviewed someone with knowledge of the company’s alleged internal feature, also viewing some screenshots showing the tool. The re-sharing feature is said to look visually unpolished at this point.

Instagram, for its part, stated that it isn’t developing a feature for sharing others users’ content, nor is it testing such a feature. Unlike the existing post-sharing feature available for Stories, this alleged tool will allow someone to share another person’s post within their own account feed.

Such a feature remains controversial. Some users are unhappy about the potential for other users to share their content without permission, potentially using it to help build up an account without putting in any work of their own. Others express concern that a re-sharing feature will ruin the experience, resulting in people seeing posts from users they don’t follow and aren’t interested in.

SOURCE: The Verge

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