Leaked images of Motorola device spark Moto X+1 rumors

Nate Swanner - Jul 10, 2014, 4:30 pm CDT
Leaked images of Motorola device spark Moto X+1 rumors

A new Motorola device running Android L has been spotted, and could very well be the Moto X+1. A touch larger than the Nexus 5, this device was shown running what might be a current (but still an early preview) version of L. Though it’s a bit sketchy in its origin, this reportedly came from a Motorola or Verizon employee.

This video comes via TK Tech News, who has had their hands on some hit-and-miss leaked info before. They also offer up handsome bounties for info from time to time, and this device isn’t actually one they had in-hand — though they do narrate throughout, and promise to be taking a trip to see it firsthand soon. Some tape placed strategically on the phone is said to hide identifying information about the tipster. The device is also said to be running on the Verizon network, though it can’t be confirmed to be a DROID — one of three the tipster says will launch this fall (no big surprise there).

The mystery device may also be AMOLED, which is what Motorola leaned heavily on to make the Moto X so special. This device was also said to be verified as “legit” in a Hangouts chat, but there was nothing offered up as to what “legit” refers to. Legitimately a device, or legitimately the Moto X+1?

Bigger than a Nexus 5 suggests a 5-inch screen or better, and we’ve heard the Moto X+1 may end up toting a 5.2-inch screen — so this fits. AMOLED is also said to be incoming on the new flagship, as is 1080p — another thing this video is claiming.

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