Leaked Cardinal Red Galaxy S10 might be the best looking Samsung flagship yet

Eric Abent - May 21, 2019, 10:38am CDT
Leaked Cardinal Red Galaxy S10 might be the best looking Samsung flagship yet

Now that the Galaxy S10 has a couple of months of availability under its belt, it’s time for Samsung to start tempting the hold outs. Samsung, like a lot of phone manufacturers, likes to release new color variants for its flagship phones after they release, and it seems that the Galaxy S10 will be no different. The next color on deck is definitely a loud one, so if you like making a statement with the phones you use, it might be worth checking out.

Following closely on the heels of the Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition, it seems both the standard Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10+ are about to get a Cardinal Red variant. The phone was leaked by Roland Quandt on Twitter, who unfortunately isn’t able to offer much beyond those leaked images. All we know about release timing is that the variant is “coming soon,” but aside from that, we’ll have to wait on Samsung to make things official and dish more details.

It’s unknown at the moment if the budget-minded Galaxy S10e will get a Cardinal Red variant as well, but considering that there’s no mention of that device in Quandt’s tweet, it isn’t looking particularly likely. Also unknown are the regions Samsung will launch this phone in – and there’s at least a somewhat decent chance the Cardinal Red Galaxy S10 will never make it to US shores.

After all, while Samsung has made a habit of launching different flagship variants throughout the years, not all of those variants release on a worldwide scale. Some are exclusive to one region or another, to the frustration of customers who would simply like more options when it comes to what their phones look like.

Despite all of these missing details, one thing is for sure: that is one very red phone. Stay tuned, because we’ll keep an eye out for official word from Samsung and we’ll update you once this Galaxy S10 gets an actual reveal.

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