Leadtek Research WinFast iCAM200 MA and iCAM100 M

The new webcams are pretty decent, first of all, they can both shoot video at 30fps. They both use USB 2.0.

From there they begin to differ, starting with the number of effective pixels, which is quite sad for the iCAM100 M, which is .3 megapixels, its software enhanced up to 2MP, but that's actually worse. However the 1.3 megapixels of the iCAM200 MA isn't bad. However, regardless of maximum effective pixels, the iCAM100 M has a higher max resolution of 2560x2048 while the iCAM200 MA is sitting at 1280x1024.

They are both fairly small and lightweight; the iCAM100 M even looks has some sort of integrated lighting that's comprised of 6 LEDs. The iCAM200 MA appears to have a clip that would allow it to be perched atop your monitor. No word on price or availability.

Leadtek launches new webcams [via tgdaily]