LCD TV Shipments Expected to Slow in 2011, Rise Only 13 Percent

Evan Selleck - Jan 3, 2011
LCD TV Shipments Expected to Slow in 2011, Rise Only 13 Percent

In a new report from market research firm DisplaySearch, general shipments of LCD TVs are going to rise in 2011, but when compared to last year, it won’t be anything to get excited about. The firm says that the growth will be noticeable, but that the growth simply won’t be as high as it has been in the past. However, despite the fact shipments will rise, it’s the price erosion for the LCD market that will leave the market seeing its “first ever revenue decline.”

DisplaySearch reports that in 2011, the overall shipments for LCD TVs will rise 13 percent, accounting for 215 million total units. Unfortunately, that pales in comparison to what 2010 looked like, as the LCD TV market saw an overall increase of 31 percent, when compared to 2009. That means that 190 million units were shipped. While the market research firm is unable to project how much lower the overall revenue would be, they believe that a lingering mentality from the recession has left the state of LCD TV sales in a state of decay, and it seems to be worsening.

Paul Gagnon is DisplaySearch’s Director of North America TV Research, and he says that “North America continues to be a tough market for TV sales.” He goes on to add that, As unemployment remains high and consumers remain sensitive to price, budget-conscious consumers have been surprised by limited price declines, partially influenced by a much stronger mix of advanced TV technologies introduced this year like LED backlights, 3D, and Internet connectivity which offset any price declines.”

[via CNET]

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