LCD Touch Panels Being Added to Coke Vending Machines in Japan

You've probably used a vending machine at least once in your life. And if you're like us, you've cataloged the changes the behemoth pieces of gadgetry have received over the years. Once, what may seem like forever ago, they only accepted physical money, between paper monies and coins; but then, not too long ago, they started accepting payment through the plastic style: credit and debit cards. The vending machine may have been off many people's radar for evolutionary changes, but it's getting ready to change again.

This time, though, it seems that it's only going to be in Japan for awhile. LCD touch panels are being systematically added to Coca-Cola machines all across the country. Why? Apparently, it's all in a plan to make vending machines "more fun," while also giving advertisers out there more of a way to interact with their customers. As for the machines themselves, they will stand a meter tall, and 57cm wide. The LCD touch panel is going to be 46-inches.

We could see maps being displayed on the vending machines, too. Or, direct directions to a location you're looking for. If Google could figure out a way to get Google Maps on these things, that would be almost amazing. And if you're just visiting Japan, there could be a way to select your language, and find what you're looking for right after you order yourself up a tasty Coke.

[via Ubergizmo]