LawnBott, My Robot Hero

If I could build a robot that could do any of my chores in life, making one that could mow the lawn would be right up there on my list of choices. Thanks to KA Home Robotics and a little robot called LawnBott I may be able to enjoy that dream without becoming a mechanical engineer!

With a running time of 4 hours the LawnBott can cover 33,000 square feet per charge. Want to impress the neighbors? Run the near silent LawnBott at night for that fresh cut look every morning. It also features a flat blade that mulches the grass as it cuts and is smart enough to seek shelter in the rain.

All this lawn-cutting goodness comes at a price though, expect to pay $1,749 for the LB2000/Professional.

LawnBott, Where Have You Been All These Years? [via crunchgear]