Lawnbott LB3200 New and Improved

Christina Crouch - Jan 25, 2008

You may recall the LB2000, a robot that will mow your lawn for you. Well, it’s been revamped and reintroduced as the LB3200 and has a new exciting feature.

The new Lawnbott has added Bluetooth technology to its controls so that you can program and control it from anywhere via your cell or laptop. That comes in really handy when you’ve promised your wife you’d mow the lawn and yet you want to go out with you buddies instead, now you can do both. It works the same way as its predecessor and has two lithium ion batteries. It can go up a 30 degree incline and will mow a 38,000 sq ft area before returning to its dock for a charge.

It does come with a blade stopping sensor if anyone should pick it up which is really nice as well. It is pricey, $3,250, but if you’re like me and have a huge back yard that’ll pay for itself in free time quickly.

[via DVICE]

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