Lawn mower scooter makes mowing fun

Let's face it, lawn care sucks. Mowing the lawn especially sucks when its 150 degrees outside during the summer. Even if you have a riding mower, getting out in the blazing Texas summer heat is no fun. A new concept mower is interesting, even if not practical. The thing is called the Lawn Mower Scooter.

The thing looks like something the Whos down in Whoville would ride around. A standing surface on the back gives you a place to stand and it has handlebars to control the direction. The grass catching container on the front has a window to show when it is full.

Between the front wheels is a mower that appears to be one of the old school push type rather than a gas mower style with spinning blades. The big issue I see is on lawns with uneven terrain or lots of sand, the thing would be unstable and hard to push.