Laundroid is a household robot that will fold your laundry

Washing clothes today is far easier and less time consuming that it was mere decades ago, and that's thanks to improved technologies boosting cleaning quality and drying times while decreasing energy consumption. Modern technology has done little to reduce the human element involved in clothes washing, though, meaning you still have to retrieve the dried clothes, fold them, and put them away. Laundroid may change that.

This household robot is a concept that will soon be a purchasable product, and its sole task in life is to fold your laundry on your behalf. It's hard not to make The Jetson's comparisons, though the concept reveals that reality will function a bit differently than cartoon interpretations (that is, there's no rolling, talking robot going around picking your dirty clothes up off the floor).

The website explains that owners wash their clothes, dry their clothes, then put the cleaned and dried clothing into Laundroid, where the folding process will begin. Later on that day — let's say when they get home from work — the owner can open Laundroid and retrieve their folded clothes, no time wasted or hassle necessary. As you'd probably guessed by now, this convenience doesn't come cheap. The early unit reservations, which are now going live in Japan, are priced a bit over $16,000 USD.

According to a recent press release from Seven Dreamers, Laundroid is also gaining voice command support via a smart lamp from Cerevo called Lumigent. The lamp is able to listen to voice commands and can be used as a way to perform basic functions with Laundroid, no actual, physical interaction being necessary (aside from inserting the clothes, of course). Whether the household robot will gain support for more common IoT devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home is yet to be seen.

SOURCE: Seven Dreamers