Latest Xbox Live Free Play Days promo sets the stage for Sega's Lost Judgment

Microsoft is making another batch of games free through its Xbox Live Free Play Days promo this weekend. This week's trio doesn't seem to have much of a uniting theme, but it does feature Sega's Judgment in a clear nod to a certain upcoming release. We're also seeing the return of a Free Play Days veteran in this weekend's lineup.

That returning veteran is none other than Hunt: Showdown, which has featured in many Free Play Days weekends in the past. However, this time around, it seems Hunt: Showdown is included because of a new in-game event dubbed "Light the Shadow" that will allow players to unlock new legendary weapons and hunters.

Perhaps the star of this weekend's freebies, however, is Judgment. This certainly doesn't seem like a coincidence, given that Judgment's sequel, Lost Judgment, is out on September 24th. If you've never played the Yakuza spin-off before, this seems like a prime opportunity to dive into the game and see what it's about before Lost Judgment lands on shelves next week. Just keep in mind that Judgment is only available on Xbox Series X|S, so if you don't have one of those, you'll have to stick with the other two games this weekend.

The third and final game included in this week's Free Play Days promo is Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition. We've been seeing a lot of Warhammer during Free Play Days lately, and with the inclusion of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition, it appears that this weekend will be no different.

As is always the case, there are also some discounts to go along with these free games. Hunt: Showdown is on sale for 55% off, bringing its price down to $18, while Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition is 80% off with a new price tag of $4. Sadly, Judgment is not on sale, so if you take that for a spin and decide you like it, you'll have to shell out the full $39.99 to continue playing. All three games are free-to-play for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers now through September 19th at 11:59 PM PDT.