User Modified CM9 TouchPad Build Adds Cornerstone Multitasking Support

The HP TouchPad continues to see strong Ice Cream Sandwich support from the talented hackers over at xda-developers, and a user modified build of the popular CyanogenMod adds a unique twist that even regular Android tablet users should be jealous of: true multitasking.

Yes, Android already supports multitasking, but normally you'll be jumping in and out of different apps, only being able to see and interact with one at a time. A user on xda-developers has created his own build of CM9 that adds a new modification called Cornerstone. Cornerstone allows a user to have three applications running at once on your display, with the main app taking up the left side of the screen, and two other apps stacked on top of each other to the right hand side of the screen.

It's not perfect right now, though, with some bugs that still need to be squashed. Meanwhile, CM9 itself has seen further progress on the TouchPad, and now includes full hardware acceleration for video, something that has been sorely missing for a while. Graphical issues have also been corrected in the most recent build.

As for when Cornerstone will come to other devices? The project is open source, so there's nothing stopping developers from including it in other Android builds. Until then, check out Cornerstone in action in the embedded video below.