LastPass syncing across multiple devices is now free

LastPass has announced that its syncing feature is now free to use across multiple devices, including things like your laptop, tablet and smartphone. Whatever devices you use the service on, your passwords will sync across them and it won't cost you anything. Premium members will still keep exclusive access to the other premium perks, however, including things like going ad-free and sharing with up to five users.

LastPass is a service that makes it easy to manage your passwords by requiring you to remember only one (the master password). This eliminates the hassle and security risk that comes with writing down passwords or keeping them in folders, using the same password across multiple services, or using simple easy-to-remember passwords.

Previously, you'd have to subscribe to the Premium service (about a dollar a month) to get unlimited password syncing across your devices. That's now free, though, meaning you get access to that in addition to the secure notes and other LastPass Free features. Those who subscribe to Premiums still get priority when it comes to tech support, encrypted file storage and more, however.

LastPass isn't the only company to make a premium offering free this week. Yesterday, Instapaper announced that its Premium features are now available to everyone, something made possible by the recent Pinterest acquisition. Be sure to check out the timeline below for more LastPass news!

SOURCE: LastPass Blog