LapStrap - carry your notebook on your shoulder without a case

This is quite possibly the dumbest idea I've seen in a very, very long time. Essentially what this product suggests is that you lay part of this long ass adjustable strap across your laptop's keyboard, then close it, and sling it over your shoulder leaving it open to the environment, being banged around, or worse, stolen.

So, this might not be a bad idea for say and Asus Eee where the loss would be felt, but not that big of a deal. However putting one of these on a thousand dollar plus notebook would likely be one of the worst ideas ever.

What does the company offer up as reassurance, they more or less say since it's a multi-thousand dollar notebook dangling from your arm you are going to be really anxious and paranoid that it might get damaged or stolen that you'll take extra care to make sure it doesn't. So, the strap costs $25, but you might also want to go get an insurance policy for your notebook while you are at it.

[via Wired]