Lancom 1780EW-3G business VPN router packs in 802.11n and HSPA+

When it comes to internet connectivity in some business environments it's a must. No web connection means that you can't work and missed work is lost money. Businesses in locations where there is no fixed line access that need to get multiple computers connected can use a new Lancom router called the 1780EW-3G.

The new router for the business market has 802.11n WiFi inside for a fast wireless network and allows the sharing of UMTS/HSPA+ wireless data with multiple computers on a network. Lancom says that the router is perfect for remote offices where fixed line access isn't offered or for temporary use in the field.

The router has five VPN channels standard and can have up to 25 VPN channels as an option. The router operates as a central IPSec tunnel and has VRRP facilities. The wireless side has multiple security formats with WPA, WPA2, and VPN. It also has a gigabit Ethernet port to connect an external modem. The router will sell for 749 eur starting this month.