Lamborghini tease hints at reborn Countach LP500

Back in August, Lamborghini pulled the wraps off the Countach LPI 800-4. As cool as the vehicle is, it's not as breathtaking as the original Countach was when it debuted. Unfortunately for Lamborghini, as cool as the new hypercar was, it didn't generate the buzz the company hoped for. In its soul, the LPI 800-4 is nothing more than a reskinned Sian.

However, Lambo has teased fans again by tweeting a video that shows the construction of a seat reminiscent of those in the Countach concept car that hinted at the design of the production car 50 years ago. The teaser video certainly doesn't show or suggest a new Countach is in the works.

However, the text that accompanies the teaser talks about a car from 50 years ago that is coming back on the road. The audio in the video has the wail of a Lamborghini V-12. Judging from the time frame 50 years suggests and the V-12 scream, the car is a Countach.

The original Countach debuted on March 11, 1971, in Geneva. It went on to be one of the most iconic cars of the 80s and adorned the wall of teenagers around the globe. Rumors suggest Lamborghini is teasing is a recreation of the original concept car. It's not a complete restoration by any means, considering the original concept car was used in crash tests to homologated the production vehicle.

There's certainly the chance that what Lambo is teasing has nothing to do with the Countach at all. However, it would be very cool to see Lamborghini re-create the original Countach concept using modern power and technology.