Lady Gaga twitter and Facebook account hacks target fan info

When it comes to social networking none of the musicians out there today do it as well as Lady Gaga. She is the most followed person on Twitter and has a Facebook fan page with tens of millions of users. The official Gaga Facebook and Twitter pages were recently the target of attacks by hackers. Attackers posted messages that appeared to be coming from Gaga claiming to give free iPad 2 tablets to the users of the sites.

The links with the posts sent the users to a website that collected personal details, which was apparently part of a phishing scam. The attacks are thought to have been specifically targeting the singer's accounts because they used "monsters" which is what the singer calls her fans. One of the messages read, "Monsters, I'm giving away FREE ipad2's to each one of you in the spirit of the holidays :) "

Web stats show that 100,000 visitors to the web page followed the link. Gaga isn't the only social networking artists that has been targeted by attacks. BBC reports that Maroon 5 and Nelly Furtado have had similar attacks.

[via BBC]