Lady Gaga hovers around the stage in the world's first flying dress

Even if you're not fan of popstar Lady Gaga, you probably been exposed to some of the bizarre clothing she's worn. A video has shown up of the singer testing out what might be the coolest dress in the history clothing. The dress isn't made of meat or anything like that, rather this dress flies.

It's really more of a hover pack than a dress and it appears to be remote controlled. The dress is called the Volantis and it consists of what appears to be six ducted fan engines powered by electricity. Those ducted fans are arranged three on each side of the small scaffolding beneath that holds the flying dress up and allows Gaga to stand aboard the craft.

The singer is held in place by what appears to be shoulder straps and some sort of fiber optic infected molded body shell. It would be cooler if Gaga was controlling this contraption herself, but in the video it appears to be remote-controlled with the controller standing in the background.

If you're like me, you have no idea that Lady Gaga has her own technical branch called TechHaus and apparently that technical branch has been working on this contraption for over two years. You can check out the YouTube video of the test flight and see it hover for yourself.

SOURCE: Dailymail