Label Printer Mouse - Good idea gone wrong

Convergence can be a great thing. Having one device that takes care of multiple needs is great. That is as long as the end result is something that people would actually want to use, and a logical pairing of devices.

Here is a perfect example of a device that should never have been created. Everyone has a mouse, so it seems natural to cram something else inside of it, right? Sure, that sounds great, but does anyone really need a mouse that is also a label printer?

What I would really like to know is why Casio would think that anyone would purchase a new mouse with a ball in it? I thought there was some sort of anti-mouseball law that was passed a few years back that prevented the sale of crappy mice. Perhaps that was just a dream. Well, if this is your idea of a great gadget, then be my guest, it'll set you back $29, while extra labels will cost $14 for 3.

Label Printer Mouse, Convergence Gone Horribly Wrong [via everythingusb]