Kyocera Solar Cycle Station Charges Your E-Bike

Evan Selleck - Nov 19, 2010
Kyocera Solar Cycle Station Charges Your E-Bike

While electric cars may get the most attention, there’s other eco-friendly options out there, too. And, frankly, electric bikes are far more friendly to the environment than most electric vehicles. Unfortunately though, the charging stations that juice up the bikes tend to not be. But Kyocera is looking to change all that, thanks to their brand new Solar Cycle Stations, which the company officially announced late yesterday.

Considering the pretty straight forward design, it’s surprising that no one has thought of this before. But, Kyocera is the first to jump on it, bringing to the world a regular looking bike stand that actually features solar cells on it. Once an electric bike is plugged into the rack, the bike will charge. There will be different variations of the stand that Kyocera puts out into the market. The main version will be one that features three solar modules, which will be able to put out a total output of 79.8V.

Electric bikes are taking off, especially in Japan, so it makes sense that Kyocera would want to develop a new way for them to be charged. Especially ones that focus on the environment, much like the bikes themselves. However, with helping the environment usually does, it doesn’t come cheap. For $23,000, someone can install the new Solar Cycle Station right now.

[via CrunchGear]

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