Kubuntu Linux Rolls Out Commercial Support For Business Users

Kubuntu is the blessed union between the Ubuntu Linux distro and the KDE interface, an option favored by many computers users who represent a variety of industries. For professionals who use Kubuntu in a business or similar setting, the dark days of scouring the Internet for troubleshooting and erstwhile help are nearing their end, with commercial support for the distro being announced.

The support is being offered via EmergeOpen, something that is officially dubbed the "Kubuntu Commercial Support provided by EmergeOpen." For now, four different support packages are being offered, each at its own price range and with its own benefits. The idea is that professionals, organizations, and companies can invest in the package that best represents their needs.

Among the options is a single hour of support time for £80, a generic 60 minute block of time that can be used to troubleshoot or otherwise accomplish whatever is needed. For larger projects and needs, there's also a 1 Day option for £500, something that offers an 8 hour block of time. Also for £80, one can get an hourly support option for up to 3 months that allows for priority attention. And finally, there's a yearly hourly support option, which does not have a specified price yet.

All proceeds from the support will go to the Kubuntu Council. Said Jonathon Riddell, a Kubuntu developer: "Emerge Open are good at putting together business opportunities with businesses. In our case we have a popular distro lacking professional support and Emerge Open are able to put us together with this office in England to provide the missing link."

SOURCE: Muktware