Krita open source digital painting app arrives on Chrome OS and Android

Krita, a popular open-source digital painting app, has finally launched beyond the desktop, arriving on both Chrome OS and Android. These releases are still in the beta period at this time, meaning the software may not function as well as it does on desktop. Despite that, the expansion is a welcomed one that many users have been requesting, enabling Android users to sketch directly on their tablet.

There's no shortage of drawing apps on Android, but Krita is unique — it is totally free and offers a high-end experience that can be used to create art from start to finish, including complex pieces. This combination makes it an appealing option for artists on a budget or anyone who wants to avoid expensive software. The limitation, however, is that it was only available on desktop.

That changes with the early access release on the Google Play Store, making Krita available to Android and Chrome OS users who want to test the software. In a post on the app's website, the Krita team explained that this beta is the full desktop version of the app, meaning you don't get an interface that has been customized for a touch experience.

As well, the app will not run on Android smartphones for the obvious reason that it would be impossible to use on such a small device — the team uses the word "currently" to describe its unavailability on smartphones, indicating that there may be an eventual version of Krita that is designed for handsets.

The easiest way for Android and Chrome OS users to get the beta app is to visit the Krita Early Access page on the Google Play Store. The team also provides a link to the APK file in its post linked above, but there are some risks associated with going outside of the Play Store, so be sure you know what you're doing before you go that route.